Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dell's Vista foolishness

I recently needed to purchase a new PC for my company -- a PC that had some specific hardware requirements. I naturally looked to Dell first, because the company has been, for better or worse, a Dell shop on the computer hardware side. I found a PC that would work, but they were forcing me to buy Windows Vista as the OS -- XP was not available as an option.

XP is a requirement in the business, so I phoned our corporate account representative to request this specific machine with XP instead of Vista. No can do, the corporate rep replied -- that model is a consumer model, and you can only have it with Vista. I asked him: "What difference does it make? Why can't you just ship me the same machine with an OEM copy of XP instead of Vista? Dell offers XP with business models, and we're a business." I got the same response: "That model is a consumer model, and it only comes with Vista."

"So," I said, "Dell is actually willing to forfeit a sale and damage the business relationship because they're not willing to accommodate the customer?" "We are accommodating to our customers," said the rep. "OK then," I said, "please accommodate me by providing the computer with XP instead of Vista." The reply was the same: "We don't do that." *Sigh* I guess accommodate the customer doesn't mean what I thought it meant.

I gave up this foolishness and bought a computer from a local vendor. This nonsense just has to have something to do with a restrictive Microsoft policy -- I guess the only way they can boost Vista sales is by forcing OEMs to sell it.

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